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Jewish Family Service Board of Trustees

The JFS staff listing can be seen on this page.

Jewish Family Service Board of Trustees


  • Joan Handel

Past Presidents

  • Charles N. Singman, Ph.D.
  • Betty Roswell
  • Alvin Levine
  • Rabbi Michael Abraham
  • Kenneth Segal
  • Gilbert Pelovitz
  • Dossie Weissbein
  • Jules A. Swickle
  • Dr. Marc D. Geller
  • Linda Jerrow
  • Stephen Offen
  • Ruth Edelman
  • Nancy Gorrell
  • Stephen Harris
  • Nancy L. Lee

Vice Presidents

  • Ronni Lederman
  • Charles N. Singman PhD
  • Eric Yorke, MD


  • Annette Radick

Recording Secretary

  • Abby Ages


  • Bea Abrams, PhD
  • Ted Baker
  • Nancy Bisignano
  • Susan Darien
  • Gary Gartenberg
  • Heidi Ginsberg, RN
  • Nancy L. Lee
  • Wendy Offen
  • Greg Rosen
  • Todd Schneiderman, MD
  • Helaine Weisberg

Jewish Family Service Staff

For biographies and photos of our staff members, please see this page.